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Introducing the HPS Parent Collective (HPSPC)

Updated: May 30, 2022

This group of parents formed, mainly through Whatsapp, on 1 March 2022, and at the time of publishing, has a membership of more than 300 parents, that is steadily growing.

There are subgroups of individuals working to address and monitor particular areas concerning the school, such as governance, freedom of information, legal, internal and external communications, staffing, policy and research, safeguarding and school liaison.

(We want to include as many parents as possible, so please reach out to if you'd like to get involved, even if it is just in a small way.)

The HPSPC has been created with the following in mind:

  • We are working to rebuild our community after a difficult few years for all at Holland Park School (HPS).

  • Our main motto is one of asking for transparency, consultation with stakeholders and respect for all staff, parents - and most importantly our children.

  • We wish to have representation for our parents and children at board level - and to have skilled, knowledgeable voices who understand HPS extraordinary abilities around the table.

  • We have a vast wealth of skills within our parent body and are using these to help shape our message.

We hope that this group will grow to become an engaged parental body giving of our time, skills and experience in supporting our children, teachers, school and community in the future.

For now, please encourage as many HPS parents as possible to join us at HPSPC (Holland Park School Parent Collective) in asking for meaningful engagement, transparency and truth.

Thank you to all of the individuals and groups who have come together to support our HPS community. To all of those who have given up their days, evenings and weekends on our subcommittees. Thank you, we salute you.

Thank you to all of those who have shared their views, to those who have written letters and put other things aside to work so hard to understand what’s happening and to communicate concerns; to everyone involved in the subgroups of the Collective, speaking to the community, developing the website, focusing on Freedom of Information, legal monitoring, social media, safeguarding and school liaison. A huge thanks to everyone who has joined the Collective over the last few weeks. We continue to support each other and our school.

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