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Student Protest on the MUGA - 27 April 2022

Dear Parents - there have been lots of rumours about the student protest yesterday.

Here is what we know:

1. There was to be an organised student sit in during lunch (which would have impacted some of the lesson after lunch) to express concerns in joining a MAT - there was prior notice given of the intention to do this.

2. However this was voluntarily cancelled by the organisers as they could not be sure it could be contained.

3. Despite this some hundred or so students took advantage of the situation and decided to protest nevertheless.

4. They were dispersed within 20 mins or so by senior leadership team (SLT)

and no one was injured during the protest.

Please may we keep to these checked facts in order to give clarity and help support our SLT, working under very difficult circumstances.

Thank you


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