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Parent Governor Elections - URGENT NOW - Updated!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Without consultation and engagement the Governing Body of Holland Park School (HPS) has chosen for the school to join a Multi-Academy Trust, the largest one in England, United Learning. This decision was made without elected parent governors present.

Update italics below.

Parent governor election ballots were sent out on Friday by email. We notified the Clerk to the Governors, Stewart Harper, that at least one candidate’s name (Melanie Juno Wolfe) had been left off the list, and have since also noticed that one parent (last name on recent list) may no longer be at the school. As a result, NEW BALLOTS WERE SENT OUT ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON AND NO VOTES CAST SO FAR WILL BE COUNTED. So please go back to your original email with your unique link to vote and cast your votes again.

We hope all parent governor candidates will join our parent collective. All parent voices are welcome within the HPSPC regardless of their opinion. Right now the following parent governor candidates are actively involved with the HPSPC - Melanie Juno Wolfe, Samantha Cockcroft (Hesketh), Elizabeth McKay and Gaelle Deschamps.

(If you'd like to receive real time updates please join our WhatsApp group here or join our email list.)

Parent Governor Elections


Following the resignation of John Bercow from the Board of Governors, we currently have no parent governors (there should be two). However, parents have yet to be informed by the BoG (Board of Governors) that Bercow has stepped down, and the list of candidates only includes those who put their names forward in November 2021 when Sally Bercow’s term ended in December. Currently, the new Parent Governors are expected to be announced on 26 April 2022.

A new Governor (not a parent) was appointed to the Board this week (Louisa Mitchell). You can see basic information about changes to the governing board here. We know very little about most members of the governing body and are advocating for transparency about who the people making decisions about our school.

Letter to the Chair of Governors, Jane Farrell

On Friday 25 March 2022 the HPS Parent Collective sent a comprehensive letter to Jane Farrell addressing ongoing concerns and questions about the MAT process, the lack of two parent governors, United Learning, alternative options to joining a large MAT, the headteacher appointment and misleading information. You can see a copy of this letter below - please forward it to HPS parents in your year group and beyond.

Download PDF • 351KB

Update Sunday 24th April 2022 - Message from Melanie Juno Wolfe

The Parent Governor voting system is causing some problems. If you are having problems voting please let the Holland Park School Parent Collective (HPSPC) know here.

Remember we can vote in descending order of preference, and votes should be counted in this way. Let's hope for decent outcomes.

As I have limited faith in the voting system - I was left off the original ballot slip - I thought I should give a response to those who above asked questions before voting ends. My fellow nominees may wish to comment too,

As there are four of us from this collective on the ballot it is difficult to suggest any particular candidate. We are all well able to sit at the table. It would be great to have us all there.

My comment would be this, we need someone - or two, who will not succumb to pressure or flattery, who is strong and knowledgeable in conviction and who you feel will best bring solutions to the table.

The other skill elements, such as legal, accounting and safeguarding should be accounted for across the governing board as usual.

We need representation, communication and information dissemination where appropriate.

To rebuild after this mess, it would help is the Parent Governors had their own contacts and working relationships with the authorities, organisations and community stakeholders outside of the governing body, especially as the board don't have anything to do with our community.

some may agree with me, some may not. However, as I now have little faith in the outcome of the process, I believe it is incumbent on us all to ensure that we have strength, resilience and our voice at the table.

Let's look at the candidates with our best outcome in mind and vote for each candidate accordingly. All of our HPSPC candidates are strong. Pick the ones you feel will best represent us and fight for us, because, make no mistake, this is a fight for our children and community asset.

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