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NEU Letter to HPS GB following strike 2

The following letter, dated Monday 30th May 2022, has been copied from an NEU (National Education Union) twitter post.

"Given how central we are always told we are to the school, by the Governors, it seems odd that our views do not seem to matter for one of the biggest decisions in the school's history." - HPS Teacher

Dear Governors

Holland Park School NEU represents the interest of 75 members of staff.

Since March this year, when we first learnt of your plans to transfer the school into a multi-academy trust, we have been seeking dialogue with you to negotiate the involvement of the entire school community in a transparent, accountable consultation about this change.

In the view of parents, students, staff and representatives of the local community, this would have been an effective way to stabilise the school in the wake of recent turbulence and to build its new direction on a foundation of consensus. In the view of many in the wider school community, and a substantial majority of staff, your engagement process does not meet the criteria to achieve this.

We have always recognised your legal obligations to finalise the decision-making process. We have tried to communicate that how you arrive at your decision, and how you are seen to do so, is of fundamental importance to the people who will be affected by your choices for years to come.

More than forty days passed without any response from you, during which time our members agreed to ballot for industrial action. Subsequently, your Chair agreed to meet with us.

Unfortunately, we were unable to agree any compromise, and as you are aware, NEU members are now mid-way through a programme of strike action. You have not taken us up on subsequent offers to meet.

Union members continue to support students in all public examination and offer unpaid overtime for revision activities.

During this time we have been the guests of the House of Lords and in discussion with politicians closely associated with the Schools Bill currently passing through parliament.

The absence of meaningful consultation in the MAT acquisition process appears to be a common theme across the country, and we are pleased to be contributing to this debate at a national level.

In the meantime, we continue to pursue an agreement with you.

Prior to your recommendation to the Regional Schools Commissioner we ask you to:

  • restart the current process to enable other candidate partners to present to the whole school community

  • agree to an open, transparent vote to inform your recommendation of a MAT partner for Holland Park School.

Yours faithfully,

Holland Park School NEU members

The following is the open letter published on the @hollandparkneu Twitter account.

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