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Join Us - Public Meeting & Livestream - 7pm Thurs 31 Mar

Updated: May 10, 2022

Stop United Learning Trust Taking Over Holland Park School

Without consultation and engagement the Governing Body of Holland Park School (HPS) has chosen for the school to join a Multi-Academy Trust, the largest one in England, United Learning. This decision was made without elected parent governors present.

The Holland Park School Parent Collective (HPSPC) are inviting you to join us at a public meeting to discuss the issue and what action we can take. You can join us in person in Notting Hill (address below) or online via a Zoom livestream at 7pm on Thursday 31st March 2022.

Why we want to discuss this matter:

  • There is no obligation for HPS to join a MAT, it is not a failing school - it is rated Outstanding by Ofsted. The notice to Improve only asked the governing Body to "consider" joining at MAT (Multi-Academy Trust). HPS is currently a SAT (Single-Academy Trust).

  • There has been no consultation with any stakeholders (parents, students, staff) as to whether HPS should join a MAT, and if so which MAT.

  • There has been no transparency in the process of selecting a MAT for HPS to join (parents, staff, students and the community, have been completely left out of this process - decisions having been made without any consultation with us).

  • There are serious concerns as to United Learning's approach to education and as an employer.

Please read the attached letter from HPSPC to Jane Farrell, chair of the Governing Board. It goes into more details about this issue, among others.

Download PDF • 351KB

Speakers include:

  • Parents from the Holland Park School Parent Collective (HPSPC)

  • National Education Union (NEU) representatives, including Kevin Courtney, the NEU Joint General Secretary. The NEU are the main teacher and support staff union at HPS.

  • GMB Union representatives. they are the main support staff union at HPS.

  • Parents whose children have been educated in United Learning run schools.

  • Teachers who have worked in United Learning schools.

  • RBKC representative (in personal capacity).


North Kensington Community Kitchen, Notting Hill Community Church, Kensington Park Road W11 2ES.

Notting Hill Community Church

Please join us! Live or online via Zoom. If joining us on Zoom please register in advance using the link here.

@StopTheMATness activity continues on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Please spread the message as far as you can and reach out to parents you know.

You can contact the #StoptheMATness team via

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