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Interim Newsletter re Ofsted Inspection

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Hi everyone

You will have received notification from the school (by email) earlier today that Ofsted is inspecting HPS over the next two days (Weds-Thurs).

The HPS Parents Collective have tried our hardest over the last six weeks to have our voice heard in decisions about the future of our school.

The letter from Ofsted invites you to complete an online survey by 11am on Wednesday 20 April (when the comments option disappears), or to speak to inspectors in person at the school at the start of the school day. Time is very tight so please complete the survey/comments box at

Examples of comments so far include emphasising support for excellent teaching and the strengths of the school but criticism of the impact of the current DfE-appointed governing body, anger at the move to push HPS into United Learning MAT and lack of communication or meaningful engagement over the available options against the wishes of many students, parents and teachers, in the context of a sham consultation.

Naima wrote:

"HPS is an outstanding school. However, I am extremely concerned that this is at risk as a result of the new Governors that have been parachuted in. These Governors are not familiar with the community and are failing to openly and honestly engage with the school's community. Processes are given lip service and decisions are taken behind closed doors and without appropriate accountability. The Governors have now embarked on a due diligence for HPS to join United Learning, a MAT for which there are major concerns over safe-guarding and pupil well-being, bullying of staff, staff retention, lack of oversight of their central services and mis-statements made by ULT over financial systems for their schools. ULT is the wrong choice for HPS, instead a MAT with KAA and local government oversight would be a strong system of governance for HPS. This was proposed by the Borough, but dismissed on incorrect grounds by the Governors."

Rachel wrote:

"I am devastated that HPS is potentially joining United Learning MAT. This is the wrong move for Holland Park School. United Learning student outcomes are lower than those at HPS. In light of last years' ex-students' and staffs' allegations, United Learning's approach to staff management and student discipline is going in the wrong direction. I strongly oppose joining United Learning MAT."

Please forward any comments you have and we can share them on our website and social media.

Thank you,


P.S. Thanks to those who've sent their comments - please see the message above for more details - we will put these on the website as a platform for our concerns.

For info, the inspectors from Ofsted weren't available on the gate this morning but should be there for parents to speak to after school and most likely tomorrow morning and afternoon. If you'd like to speak to them in person it might be worth calling the school to confirm if/when they will be at the gate.

This is a critical week for resisting the tide of change which has swept over our school, and this sudden visit from Ofsted may cause further disorientation and destabilisation but is also an opportunity to interact in the process and speak up for the school and our children. Thanks again for being part of the Parents Collective.

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