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How to Donate

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

We are raising money to pay for the legal fees we will encounter as we pursue the legality of the governing body's actions.

Ultimately we all hope that this does not go to full litigation but we believe that we have to pursue this strategy for now in order to achieve an acceptable outcome for stakeholders (parents, students, teachers and local community), slowing down the Governing Board's process and bringing them to the table.

To collect smaller donations we are using a site called The Collection Pot - link below. If you would like to give a larger amount to the HPSPC Legal Fund please contact Sebastian Peattie directly to make a separate arrangement.

The system will default to charging you ten percent of your donation as a fee, but you can fill in the donation form in a specific way to minimise the fees you pay and maximise how much HPSPC will receive.

We've tested the amounts and come up with the following table that shows the minimum you need to pay to get the green tick under "other amount" depending on how much you want to give us.

Please note that every penny counts to us and are grateful for your donation, no matter how much it is. We need all the help we can get. Thank you in advance!

Amount you want to donate

"other amount" to cover fees


£.3 (30p)


£.4 (40p)


£.59 (59p)


£.69 (69p)


£.88 (88p)















Instructions are here below.

The site to go to is:

Click the "add to this pot" black button on the opening screen. The image on the left is the screen you will get on your mobile.

Change the settings and fill in the form as shown in the image on the right (or below if using your mobile to view this blog).

Add to this pot - default screen.

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