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Grenfell Tower Tragedy 
5th Anniversary

The tragedy of Grenfell Tower continues to affect our community five years on. It has left an indelible impact. The tower still stands in testament to the 72 who lost their lives and their loss ripples out throughout our community. We send love, support and solidarity to all those directly affected, and we remember...

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One Vibe is co-founded by our HPS parent, Palmira Morais



Memorial Service 11am Westminster Abbey, 

72 secs of silence at Westfield Shopping Ctr at 2pm

Roses will be laid on the Innocent Victims’ Memorial, and an abbey bell will toll 72 times as well.

Organisers also say they will gather at Grenfell Tower for a multi-faith service in the afternoon.

6.30pm silent walk from base of the tower - victim’s families and community groups, incl firefighters from across the country as a guard of honour.

Fencing will be removed from the tower to allow for the laying of flowers and wreaths.

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