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About Us

We are a group of concerned parents of pupils at Holland Park School, who are focused on:

  • Rebuilding our community after a difficult few years for all at the school.

  • Asking for transparency, consultation with stakeholders and respect for all staff, parents - and most importantly our children.

  • Governing Board level representation for our parents and children - and to have skilled, knowledgeable voices who understand HPS extraordinary abilities around the table.

  • Sharing the vast wealth of skills within our parent body and using these to help shape our message.


We hope that this group will grow to become an engaged parental body giving of our time, skills and experience in supporting our children, teachers, school and community in the future.

Terms of Reference

The following terms of reference are based on where we are given current concerns, however, we hope in time to evolve into a group whose mission is to not only represent the voice of parents, but also to foster an active partnership between home and school, improved communication for parents and support the school with an engaged parent collective. 

Mission Statement

We are a group of concerned parents, a collective (HPSPC) of more than 300 members opposed to our school becoming part of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) without substantial consultation.

We are requesting that the Board of Governors (BoG) genuinely engage with parents, teachers and current pupils as stakeholder groups in this process.

We ask that they consider options beyond that of United Learning MAT, which better serve the interest of current pupils, the future of HPS and the community. 

We would like answers to the questions we have posed to the BoG on many occasions:

  • Why is this irreversible decision being rushed through?

  • When will stakeholders get meaningful consultation?

  • What are the details of other options that were considered?

  • Why are these decisions being taken without the required governance structure?


As a collective of parents we warmly welcome new members who are joining us all the time. Our structure is open and fluid. All parent voices matter.

Within our collective we have a number of individual contributors who are sharing their skills, knowledge and experience within relevant subgroups. Actions within these subgroups include liaising, monitoring, writing, designing, researching, understanding processes, co-ordinating, planning and organising. 

Currently subgroups include: 

Policy, research, admin & internal communications (co-ordination)

Safeguarding & school liaison

Recruitment & staffing

Finance, freedom of information & governance

Media & external communications (PR, journalists, social media etc.)

Legal & fundraising 

Freedom of information


There are more areas where we need help and are open to new sub-groups forming as needed.


Any parent of an HPS pupil is welcome to join the collective. We are united in our desire to ask for the best outcome for our children and future of our school through open communication, deliberation and partnership.

If you would like to join the group or find out more, please email


Parent volunteers are working within their individual areas of expertise and/ or interest, feeding into the relevant subgroups, which then collate the information to share with the wider collective.

Individual opinions or research items will always be welcomed within the main group; however, the subgroups have specific areas of responsibility so that we can best support our case moving forwards.

Where possible, key communication will always be posted in the main group (WhatsApp), and notifications sent by email, prior to the release to social media or public forums; this makes it possible for all members to input and discuss our collective communications. However, there may be occasions where we must get our message out quickly and timelines do not allow for prior group discussion. Please trust that this is done to support the agenda of the collective and we will do our best to keep the parent group updated.


We intend to meet up in person at least once each school term. All parents will be welcome.  The format and content will depend on what the Collective feels is wanted or needed at the time.

Social Media Representation

HPSPC can be found on social media by searching for "Holland Park School Parent Collective" or clicking the Instagram or Twitter links at the top of this page.

Professional Woman

Current Visible Parents in HPSPC

Our Children. Our School. Our Community.

Some parents have kindly taken responsibility for different aspects of the work we are doing together, and we've highlighted a few of them below - mostly those who have also put themselves forward to be elected as parent governors.


There are too many other parents working behind the scenes to feature them all here. We are a collective of concerned parents. We do not have a hierarchy. Even though we are all busy, we are giving what time we can on behalf of our children, working together in sub-groups based on our unique skills, experience and knowledge. Every voice matters, including yours. 

There is still room for you so please do reach out if you want to help too. 

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